How To Create A Motorsport CV

Let’s face it, ever since the worldwide recession less than 8 years ago, times have been pretty tough and it seems as if the cost of living has been ever increasing, whilst incomes and wages simply have not. As a result, finding work has become ever more difficult over the last few years, particularly due to the fact that there is so much competition.

When it comes to seeking employment, it doesn’t matter which industry or trade you happen to be interested in, in order for you to stand the best possible chances of employment, you will need a professional and well laid out CV in place. Take the motorsport industry for example.
Whether you’re looking at applying for driver positions, mechanic positions, statistician positions, or even simply apprentice positions, the competition is fierce and a professional looking CV could be the difference between success and failure.
To help ensure you succeed, here’s a look at how to create your motorsport CV, bought to you by motorsport experts Coen Motorsports.

Include all info, especially that which is relevant

If you’re interested in applying for a mechanic position on a racing team, and happen to have worked seven years as a mechanic, as well as one year as a gardener, it’s best that you talk briefly about your time as a gardener, and go onto much more detail about your time as a mechanic. Include all information regarding past employment, skills, qualifications etc, but make sure you focus on info which will be deemed as most relevant to the position you’re applying for.

Include info about your motorsport interests outside of work

As well as talking about how your past job experiences may be of a benefit to the company you’re applying for, make sure you drive home the fact that you’re also very interested in motorsport racing in your free time as well. Talk about favourite drivers, teams, races, and mention any events you may have attended in the past.

Include any qualifications which may be especially useful for motorsport

If you happen to hold a racing licence, a certificate in automotive systems, or any other certificates, paperwork, or qualifications which you feel could help your chances of being hired, make sure you include all of them in your CV.

Make it clear and to the point

You want to include all of the relevant information you can on your CV, yet you want to do so in as little words as possible. Use a professional template, use sub-headings, bold headings, paragraphs etc, and make sure you say what you wish to say in as little words as possible. Perhaps think about summarising all of the especially important information into bullet points?

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